Who are we?


The Zambia Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ZACCI) is the umbrella organization representing businesses across the country and across all sectors of the economy. ZACCI was established in 1933 and registered on 11 October 1990 under the Registrar of Societies Act with the mandate of advocating for a business environment that promotes business growth.

What ZACCI Stands For ZACCI is convinced that the promotion and enhancement of a vibrant private sector, through effective interest representation, service delivery and cooperation between the public sector and business is the foundation for building an economy which creates employment and equitable wealth.

The back-bone of such an economy is a diverse and resilient Small and Medium Enterprise sector which ZACCI actively supports through the facilitation of a variety of business linkages.

As a non-partisan, independent organization, ZACCI endeavours to be constructive and avoids public confrontation.

ZACCI constantly builds a community of best practice in doing business. It strives at creating unity across sector interests and fosters a robust public – private partnership which ensures economic emancipation and enterprise growth. It does so mainly by assisting local chamber members to grow their businesses to assume a role as business leaders in their respective communities

At ZACCI, we bring the business community together in dynamic, profitable ways. Whether members are networking with one another, learning marketing tips, immersing themselves in issues that impact business, or tapping into an array of educational services, we give local business owners the tools to help them thrive. When members of the community have a problem and don’t know what to do, they call their local chamber, and ZACCI receives thousands of those calls each year.