U.S.-Africa Trade Council

Zambian businesses’ access to the United States (US) will be accelerated following the signing of a pact between the Zambia Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ZACCI) and the US-Africa Trade Council aimed at advancing trade and investment.
The development is key in assisting small- and medium-scale enterprises (SMEs) that have for a long time faced challenges in their quest to realise their potential in accessing the US market.


About US-Africa Trade Council

The U.S.-Africa Trade Council is a not-for profit business organization that promotes trade, tourism and investment opportunities between United States and Africa. The Trade Council provides a platform for business networking and organizes Trade Summits, trade expos, trade delegations to explore new opportunities. The Trade Council collaborates with other organizations with similar goals and facilitates the sharing of common business interests between United States and the continental African markets. We also organize meetings and international trade shows to give maximum business exposure to our members.

Our Vision is to be recognized as essential driving force for international business between American and African entrepreneurs, promote foreign investment drive to Africa and help African businesses explore the large American market. Our focus is to advocate on behalf of the private sector in the American African trade axis, in respect of these objectives

About USAfriTC

  1. Advocacy for good corporate governance.
  2. Public-private partnership in the development of projects.
  3. Serve as a business resource to provide current information and data on investment opportunities in Africa.
  4. Promote business relations, trade, tourism and investment opportunities between USA and Africa.
  5. Provide a platform for businesses and trade delegations to exchange experiences and visits
  6. Organize international trade exhibitions with American, African and other global partners
  7. Facilitate meetings, networking, business transactions and promotions with business communities
  8. Involvement of the private sector in policy making decisions.
  9. capacity building for its members through the organization of seminars, workshops and various platforms for members to exchange ideas and share experiences.
  10. Improvement of the business climate for the development of private investment.