Fixing load-shedding -Electricity and Energy Bills

Cabinet met on Monday, 4th November, 2019 to mainly discuss policy matters aimed at addressing the electricity challenges the country is currently going through and ensure the continued development of the country.

Cabinet approved for publication and introduction in Parliament, “The Energy Regulation Bill, 2019,” during the current sitting.
The objects of this Bill are to, continue the existence of the Energy Regulation Board and provide for the licensing of enterprises in the energy sector and repeal and replace the Energy Regulation Act, 1995.

During the same Meeting, Cabinet approved the publication and introduction in Parliament of “The Electricity Bill, 2019.” The objects of this Bill include among others, to regulate the generation, transmission, distribution and supply of electricity so as to enhance the security and reliability of the supply of electricity; provide for the sale and purchase of electricity within and outside Zambia through power purchase and power supply agreements; provide the roles and responsibilities of various players in the electricity sector including providing for a Multi-year Tariff Framework.

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