ZACCI Trade Mission to Japan for TICAD7

ZACCI planned and organized the Trade Mission to Japan for TICAD7 in 2019. After receiving the instruction from the Ministry of Commerce, Trade and Industry and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, it was then recognized as TICAD7 Business Delegation of the State Mission with the collaboration of ZDA.

 Report on ZACCI Trade Mission to Japan (TICAD)….

About TICAD7:

TICAD7 stands for The 7th Tokyo International Conference for African Development, that was held in Yokohama city in Japan from August 28th to 30th, 2019. TICAD is an international conference led by the Japanese government and co-sponsored by the UN, UNDP, the African Union Commission and the World Bank. It promotes high-level policy dialogue between African state leaders and development partners. This time, 53 African countries gathered in TICAD7. His Excellency President Edgar Chagwa Lungu, Ministers and other government
leaders also participated.

Summary and Results:

ZACCI organized the Trade Mission to Japan for the first time. Later, it became the TICAD Business Delegation
(State Mission), where ZACCI and ZDA worked together, e.g. facilitation, call for participation.

There were 22 participants from Government (9) and Private sector (13). Probably, Zambia was the country
that organized the largest-scale of business delegation among the African countries.

Feedback from several participants said that they were delighted to participate in the Trade Mission; this will
help them to be linked with good connections with Japanese companies for future business, and they also
experienced Japanese social life and technologies (e.g. Subway, a Business district in Tokyo).

The main achievements of ZACCI were as follows:
(1) The first meeting with the Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry (JCCI) was held. We could establish
trust between ZACCI and JCCI and will continue to explore potential cooperation from now on.
(2) We participated in State Mission as Business Delegation. We hope and trust that our contribution will
improve ZACCI’s reputation with the Government.
(3) We have accumulated know-how for future Trade mission planning and operation.
(4) We will develop new services for our members by using Japanese company information acquired at TICAD

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