Business Confidence Index records increase amidst negative sentiment

The ZACCI Business Confidence Index Q2 – 2019 survey covers the period from April, 2019 to June, 2019. The survey captures the current business climate in Zambia and factors affecting business growth. It allows for short term forecasting and provides valuable information to businesses, investors and Government.

Business Confidence Index (BCI) is the ZACCI proprietary tool that measures the level of business executives’ confidence in the business environment and predicts short term business trends. It simply expresses perceptions on the state of business climate in one figure (index) with
100 points as the median. A BCI higher than 100 points signifies positive sentiments about the business climate and a BCI lower than 100 points signifies negative sentiments about the business climate. It is calculated out of current business mood and expectations for the future.

The overall Business Confidence Index in Q2 of 2019 (April to June 2019) has increased according to the ZACCI Business Confidence survey conducted on 300 members of ZACCI across all sectors. From the confidence of 23.6 points in Q1 of 2019, business confidence has increased by 27.7 points to 51.3 points in Q2 of 2019. Despite the increase, the 51.3 points recorded implies negative sentiments about the business environment.

Download the Business index below.

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