ECOSOC Youth Forum Invitation


It’s the 10th Anniversary of this historic forum celebrating the social and economic inclusion of youth. This year the International Trade Centre, through it’s Youth & Trade Programme and Ye! Community of youth entrepreneurs is co-leading two important sessions during the forum.


We invite you to attend both sessions and to share the information below with your youth networks and beneficiaries.


You are invited to the 2021 ECOSOC Youth Forum!

7 April 2021: Thematic Session: Harnessing Partnerships, Resources and Science to get things done!

When: Happening at 16:00 GMT-4 (please check your local time zone)

Duration: 60 minutes

Join: Register here

Connect with the speakers: As this is a short session, we have created a trello board for audience members to learn about each speaker. Please check the board and get familiar before the session as we will skip the intros to get straight into the juicy content when the session begins. Two Ye! Community members will be speaking on the panel, don’t miss it!


8 April 2021: Regional Session: Supporting the Culture of Innovation, Creativity and Entrepreneurship of African Youth to Build Forward Better for Sustainable Development


When: 8 April 2021 09:30 GMT-4 (please check your local time zone)

Duration: 90 minutes

Join: Register here

Connect with the topic: Learn more about the session and the topics to be covered here as well as some background text to get your brain fired up!





We also invite you to check out all the sessions happening between the 7 and 8 April 2021. All sessions are managed by a diverse number of UN agencies and organisations from around the globe and you can find all the links to each session’s livestream here.


Looking forward to seeing you there.


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