Zambia Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ZACCI) Business Toolkit

The Zambia Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ZACCI) is proud to reintroduce the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) Business toolkit to you.

The business toolkit is a documentation and training manual which helps small scale business people to learn how to run their businesses, account and ensure to make ideal investment decisions. The toolkit provides financial literacy for upcoming entrepreneurs and consists of how to register a trade, how to do accounting and how to register for tax.
The MSME toolkit was published by ZACCI in conjunction with the Association of SADC Chambers of Commerce and Industry in 2016.
The toolkit covers six topics, among others, introduction to entrepreneurship, business planning, financial management and sales and marketing.
The business toolkit is designed to help small scale business people develop in view of low skills and knowledge levels among MSMEs, who if equipped with the right skills can contribute significantly to the economy.
ZACCI is making the toolkit available to you at a very reasonable price of ZMK 300.00 for all six toolkits (entrepreneurship, planning your business, managing your finances, sales and marketing, managing your people and running your business).
The business toolkit not only helps you enhance the performance of your small-scale but guides you on how to register a trade, how to do accounting and how to register for tax.
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