Business opportunities discussion

Want to learn more about #business opportunities in #Zambia then tune into the discussion between Chabuka Jerome Kawesha, President of the Zambia Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Simon... Read more »


There are a number of requirements for Investors to do business in Zambia; COMPANY FORMATION AND REGISTRATIONThe Company’s Act Cap 388 governs the registration of companies in Zambia. Registration is... Read more »


OVERVIEW OF ZAMBIA’S INVESTMENT CLIMATEZambia is a multi-party democracy and provides a free market liberalized economic environment in a stable strife-free and multicultural society.The Zambian Government welcomes investors across... Read more »


FACTS ABOUT ZAMBIALocation: Located in the Southern African Sub-region, Zambia is a land linked country bordered by the Democratic Republic of Congo, Tanzania, Angola, Namibia, Malawi, Mozambique, Zimbabweand Botswana.Coordinates: The... Read more »

Investment and Trade Opportunities in Zambia

There are a number of commercial opportunities in Zambia’s emerging economy, including a rising middle class in urban population centers. In general, most sectors are noncompetitive and are dominated... Read more »

ETS Trading group looking for partners and agents in food business and textiles.

ZACCI research Kampamba Shula was pleased to connect with Mr Ali Abbas Boynuegri, CEO of ETS trading group of turkey. ETS Trading group have set up base in Zambia... Read more »

Register your Company

Looking to register a company or any other organisation in Zambia, then look no further. All the information you need is right here and the ZACCI research team will... Read more »

Invest in Zambia

Zambia is a country with vast natural resources and opportunities with a burgeoning youthful demographic. Opportunities in Agriculture, Agro Processing and Manufacturing abound with a ready domestic market in... Read more »