Commodities – Wheat prices likely to have a 15 to 20 percent rise to import parity over the coming weeks

PRICE DRIVERS Maize • The maize price has crashed to ZMW 3,550 from ZMW 3,800 at the end of the year. • The fall in price is due to... Read more »

Commodities Report – Wheat supply and demand remains unchanged

PRICE DRIVERS Maize • Maize opened at between ZMW 3,470 and ZMW 3,600 a tonne. • The gate prices for maize aren’t indicative of the actual prices that maize... Read more »

Commodities Report – Producers of texturised soya beans paying the most for the crop

PRICE DRIVERS Maize • The maize supply and demand dynamics remain unchanged with gate prices ranging between ZMW 3,470 and ZMW 3,600 per tonne. • The gate prices for... Read more »

Commodities – Markets

PRICE DRIVERS Maize • Maize price closed at ZMW 2,650 a tonne. • We expect prices to slowly start to rise over the rest of the grain marketing season... Read more »